Are You Setting Up Facebook Ad Targeting Correctly?

Traveling is so much fun — for many reasons, but as a digital marketing specialist (AKA Marketing Nerd) I love getting to see some online ads in a different state! Over time, I will consisently see a lot of the same content in Gilbert, Arizona. This past weekend, I traveled to Austin and two specific Facebook ads caught my attention and I wanted to share them because ad targeting is so essential to creating success from an advertising campaign. Facebook is AMAZING with all of their targeting options, but make sure that you are using them well.

Dirtex Austin:

Barton Hill Farms:

Overall, both of the ads are well-written and what I would consider to be fairly good ads. However, as you’ve probably guessed, my critque lays with their targeting. Keep in mind, I was on vacation in Austin, Texas. As a visitor to Austin, I really am not looking or thinking about having my carpet cleaned. Yes, we did stay with a good friend, but I wasn’t about to call the carpet cleaners out to his house. Dirtex is not relevant to anyone in the Austin area. Dirtext is relevant to people who live in the Austin area. There’s a big difference there.

However, as a visitor to Austin, it might have been fun to check out the Blooms for Mom event at Barton Hills Farm. I was new to area and suggestions of activities, restaurants, etc are very welcome.


The difference here is knowing your audience and knowing where to find that setting in Facebook. When creating an ad, think about your location targeting. Is this content relevant to everyone in my location? To visitors to my location? Or just to residents of my location? Above is a screenshot of the selection in Facebook where this setting is while creating a new audience.