8 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Online Marketing

As a small business owner, I know that you have lots of things on your mind. Owners wear all the hats from HR, to accounting, to legal, and of course everything in between. Online marketing can be hard to keep up with, but here is a list of 8 things that you can do today to improve your online marketing.

  1. Check for accuracy. I know, it might some redundant, but it’s amazing how quickly information can become outdated. Take a quick look at all of your social media platforms, all of your local listings (Google, Yelp! Apple Maps, etc) and anything else that comes up with you search your company name. Ensure that all the phone numbers are correct, check for contact emails, and accuracy in services, pricing and hours if applicable.
  2. Add a few hashtags to your Instagram bio. Social media platforms are always changing, but Instagram recently made an update to allow for hashtags in your profile bio. Take advantage and add a few relevant tags!
  3. Test all of your web forms. Between WordPress updates or website changes, something might have become disconnect. Do a quick test submission on all of your forms to make sure they are all ending up where they are supposed to be.
  4. Take a few quick photos and upload them. It’s hard to remember when you’re running around making your business successful, but people want to see that! Share some photos on your social platforms, upload a few recent pictures to your maps listings and show everyone what makes your business awesome.
  5. Remind your customers that reviews matter. This afternoon when you have a loyal customer, client or patient come through, remind them that positive reviews really matter and how much you appreciate when customers leave a review. You never know, it might just inspire them to share their experiences with your business online!
  6. Change your Facebook cover photo. It always feels fresh to see something new right? Use one of these new photos that you just took and upload it as a cover photo.
  7. Add your services or products to your Facebook page. Facebook now allows businesses to highlight their services or products. Take advantage and share some of your most popular offerings.
  8. Check your messages. Check your inboxes on all of your social platforms and respond to any messages that you might have missed. Then, make sure notifications are on for all of these platforms so you don’t miss any other messages. The Facebook Page app is great for managing Facebook pages.

Online marketing can be tough to keep up with, but my biggest advice is to set reminders on your calendar to check in online and update your profiles. Set notifications and pay attention. People are talking about your business online, it’s best to join the conversation!